• Art Purpose & Statement

    The reason I take photos and create art from them is because I see and experience the world in a different world way than most people yet still pull deeply on the emotional feelings of the viewer. It is also my hope that as part of my being a photo-artist to help people of service to their community which may include: veterans, police, firemen, EMTs and teachers.

  • My Journey

    My passion for taking photos started when I was 4. After college I purchased my first 35mm camera. My first mentors told me if I want to get to be good at this I should “shoot and shoot and shoot” and so I did! Composition I learned is innate, you either have it or you don’t! In our mind’s eye we see things the way we want them to be and not necessarily how they are. It was during the last 30 plus years that I had to learn to take what was in front of me and turn it into art.

    I am a highly sought after photographer for many local musicians having being dubbed “The hardest working rock photographer in North Jersey”. I also have been recognized by major recording artists for my work. I have photographed a number of legends and up and coming artists to date.

    Nature and landscape photography quiet my mind so I find peace and center. From these photos I create my art.

    I have been in over twenty shows and have become the Director of Photography for four independent films entitled “Collision at Split Rock” and “The Transaction” which has been nominated for “Best Feature Film” in a number of Film Festivals and won “Best Film” and “Best Lead Actor” and lastly, “Blood and Lust”.

    I have also worked on another film “Definitely Done It” as Director of Photography. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be a part of this year’s Art Basel - Miami with The Redwood Art Gallery.

    My photography and art make my soul flourish!