Ups and Downs but thankfully mostly ups!

Ups and Downs but thankfully mostly ups!

This month has had its ups and downs.  My new computer of less than two months crapped out.  So far it has only put me about a month behind as it took over a week to get a replacement and have it back to where I left off.  The Geek Squad came through for me. Since then I have been working on some pretty straight photos but have started to produce some art again.

After my last blog entry I have otherwise been blessed as I believe my name and art is getting out there.  I was invited to show my work at a gallery in Cannes during the weekend of the Cannes Film Festival and earlier this week invited to show at the Monaco Yacht Show.  

I now need to get busy and select about twenty five to thirty photos for my shows at the Boca Raton Main Library and Galeria Azur in Miami in May.

Thanks for following me and for your support.

Alan Goldberg

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