The Show at Galeria Azur Miami - Act III

The Show at Galeria Azur Miami - Act III

This last Thursday was the opening was really exciting.  First and foremost I was the featured artist.  The photo shows the works shown.  I met some very interesting patrons but also some amazing artists!  Patrons and artists alike applauded me in my use of color and how distinctive it was.  One patron came over and asked, "if I was the famous Alan Goldberg?"  So I guess now I am famous.  I was already asked about another show later in the year and I have already sent some photos to see if they like the theme.

Next week, May the 6th, I will be having my first solo show in Florida, my 10th in total, at the Boca Raton Public Library on 2nd Ave. I will have close 20 photos there.

I am constantly creating new work that is extremely colorful.

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